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Exciting Things to Do in San Diego


Sea World has since been among the top tourist attractions in this part of California ever since it has opened its doors to the public in 1964. The place has been known for Shamu, its most popular trained orca or killer whale. There are number of shows and attractions that the park offers such as the giant aquarium, shark encounter, and those events where guests can get close to dolphins and even feed them by hand. If you are ever planning a trip with your family to this place, here are some of the fun things that you definitely need to do.


Live Sea Lions

If you love the antics of those clever, crazy sea lions, Seamore and Clyde, this is certainly one attraction that you would not want to miss out on. You would definitely want to have the kids see what these sea lions are up to as they perform live with music spooks for a show that last for 20 minutes.


Sky Tower

This is perhaps one of the park’s oldest rides. It offers a 360-degree spectacular view of the Sea World along the Mission Bay. It also shows a mesmerizing view of the surrounding San Diego is while one is 320 feet up in the air. This would be a good place to head to when the sky is clear and there are no clouds hovering over San Diego.


Sky ride at the Bayside

This one is a few years older than the Sky Tower. It is a fantastic ride for those that want to go over the Mission bay and then back again while aboard gondolas. If you want to make the most of the rides in the park, then this one is something you would not want to miss out.


Pets Rule

If you love pets, then you will love how the park showcases a lot of dogs that are mostly rescued, birds, cats, as well as potbellied pigs as they show off their best moves. This is a high energy show that focuses on fun and most importantly, humane techniques for animal training.



This ride shares this name with one of the coasters at SeaWorld Orlando through the two are quite very different. The San Diego version offer a coaster that is quite fun and is definitely a must-do. If you have had the chance to ride the caster of the same name at the Orlando SeaWorld though, know that the one in San Diego is a more tempered version from the many scares and thrills that the other offers.


Journey to Atlantis

This is another ride that shares the same name as the water flume ride in SeaWorld Orlando. But this one in San Diego is more of a coaster instead of a water ride. But beware though, you will get wet. If you decide to ride in the early parts of the day when it is generally cooler, it would be best to wear a poncho.


Explorer’s Reef

This is the newest experience that the park is offering. This is not a ride nor is it a show but it is no way less exciting. If you want to get up close to underwater sea creatures, this is one attraction in the park that you would definitely want to check out.


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How to Get Ready for the Mira Mar Air Show in San Diego


If you are going to attend the annual Miramar Air Show in San Diego, you are definitely in for a ride. This annual event will have the flight line along the MCAS Miramar be transformed to accommodate impressive static aircraft displays, fun activities for the kids and the kids at heart, simulation rides, rides and drives, as well as a performance lineup of more than 100 civilian and military aircrafts.


Before you attend though, you do want to be as prepared as you can. So, we list down some of the things that you should bear in mind to make sure that you get to make the most out of the experience. There are security policies that will be enforced to and being aware of them ensures that you will not have to worry about getting into some legal trouble. Also, we will include tips on how you can stat comfortable, cool, and carefree as you enjoy the country’s largest air show.


Wear the right clothing

You will find that the MCAS Miramar flight lie is going to be hot and sunny. Light and breathable fabric would be the best go-to choice when dressing. It is best to cover up as much as you can too to make sure that you protect your skin against the sun.


Remember the sunscreen

You can never really say that you pave proper sun protection unless you have the right sunscreen. Of course, you will need to have some sunglasses and hat as well to complete the look. An umbrella may to be a bad idea either. Be aware though that only those hand-held ones are allowed.


Have snacks with you

Ice chests and coolers are not allowed this year. So, make sure that you will pack snacks that will not require any refrigeration. Bananas, apples, grapes, pretzels, nuts, and PB and J sandwiches may be among the things that you want to go for.


Keep yourself hydrated

Make sure to have several unopened water bottles too. Make sure that they are unopened since the military personnel will check on your belongings to ensure that these drinks are unopened. Freeing several bottles may not be a bad idea as well.


Clear bags

As part of the security precautions, it is required for guests to have their belongings be brought in clear bas only. One large bag per person will be allowed as well. Familiarizing yourself with the new security policies would be a good idea to avoid incurring unnecessary violations. Bring your photo ID as well as your access to the show too.


Come prepared

It can get very loud, so earplugs would be a good idea to bring along. Make sure that you are only wearing comfortable shoes as well as a lot of walking is to be expected. Bring some chairs if you did not pay any admission tickets so you can get comfortable during the show. Make sure to consult the list of performers and the schedule so you can perfectly plan your day.